Refer & Earn

On menu selection, choose “Members Portal”

Scroll down

Fill in all the details needed.

Tick the “Click here” box to see the guidelines for 4 digit visa card number.

Fill in all the details then click “Sign up now” button.

Your sign-up is successful. You will receive an email after approval.

Click on the link to login

Insert the username and password that you have registered before.

Click on “Refer & Earn”

Scroll down

There are two methods you can choose which are “Coupons” and “Affiliate URLs”

First method, click on “Coupons” to copy the code & share to your friends.

The second method, click on “Affiliate URLs” to copy the link & share to your friends.

Click on the “Statistics” to track and view your earnings

Verification Information

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

        Slide Right to get last 4 digit Visa Number

Step 4

Login Details

Register Now

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