ParadiseLinx Community Program is a program specifically targeted to B40 and M40 generally.
In addition to assist Government in creating a cashless society in Malaysia where people are able to manage their finances using the latest technology.
This is among the first program in Malaysia that combine the financial technology and funeral management fund scheme.

A community is a group that has an understanding of a goal and is always in touch with each other.
The meaning of “community” in this program referred to all groups including associations, clubs, cooperatives, companies, organization, family group are eligible to register.

  • To meet the needs of community by combining many benefits in line with the rapid growth of technology, especially financial technology while improving the welfare of community members.
  • To provide infrastructure and methods towards achieving the goal of empowering community activities as well as improving the organization in terms of management, economy and welfare.
  • To unite members in a community.
  • To create a smart community in use of information and communication technology (ICT).
  • To educate the community to take advantage of latest digital transactions that are safe to use and capable of generating an economy.
  • To provide a funeral management fund scheme package for the convenience of the community and help ease the burden of beneficiary.
  • Membership Data Management Portal
    • The community will be provided Membership Data Management Portal. This portal can assist the community in storing data and information of its members.
  • Prepaid card
    • Prepaid cards can be embossed under community’s name to replace the membership card which indirectly enhance the community image.

Prepaid card

  • Cashless payment instrument that allows members to purchase goods and services at all accepting merchants worldwide. In addition, It allows cash withdrawal at any of the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide.

E-Wallet Application

  • An application linked to a prepaid card to enable members to check balances, transaction history and bill payment at any time.

Funeral Management Fund Scheme

  • Offers a unique funeral management fund scheme. The objective is to assist and reduce the burden of the beneficiary while managing the funeral process.

Registration is under community. Each community needs to choose a package interested as per shown at table below.






Min. 30 members

Min. 150 members

Min 1000 members





Prepaid Card


Funeral Management Fund Scheme

Membership Data Management Portal

Yes, each member will be given a certificate of participation.
The certificate will be used as an additional document during the claim process for the funeral management fund scheme.

Yes, each subscription is valid for a period of 1 year only.
Members have to pay an annual fee of RM50 to renew the funeral management fund scheme benefit. Members will be notified within one month before the expiration date.

Members will not receive funeral management funds in the event of death. They can only enjoy the benefits of using prepaid cards and e-wallet only.


  • For communities registered under the Department of Registration of Societies Malaysia (ROS), a copy of the registration certificate must be attached.
  • For communities registered under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), a copy of form 9 or form 13 must be attached.
  • For communities that are not registered in any of the following departments, it is necessary to state the community activities.


  • Malaysian citizen
  • Age : 1 to 80 years
  • Have a valid Malaysian address and telephone number

No, participants only receive a contribution of up to RM1000 in the event of death 6 months from the date of registration.

No, participants are not eligible for benefits in the event of death due to a bacterial or viral infection.

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